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 I am committed to helping individuals name and claim their creativity.  Everyone has ways in which they can express themselves creatively, whether in everyday problem-solving or in the expressive arts or in gardening, cooking, teaching, parenting.  Practicing creativity has pervasive positive effects on our lives and relationships and the benefits just keep building----affecting our sense of well-being and life satisfaction.  And for many, creativity is fundamental to our spiritual lives and emotional  health.

Since 2001 I have enjoyed presenting workshops which integrate principles of positive psychology with creativity, resilience and spirituality, including programs of exploration and discovery at a retreat center in France. 

Coaching is very different from therapy,  but my background in psychology informs my approach, particularly regarding processes of change and working from strengths.


Educated at Rice University and The University of Texas at Austin, I have practiced the art and science of psychology for 30 years in a variety of clinical and educational settings.   My therapy practice focuses on the psychology of optimal functioning, a.k.a. "Positive Psychology", and applications to wellness and personal growth. 


Twenty-five years of leadership roles in community organizations and my church  have taught me much about the interconnectedness gained from shared mission.


  I have presented to numerous professional organizations and conferences on diverse topics in psychology, e.g. stress management, process of change, parenting, grief recovery, authenticity.

In addition I have facilitated spirituality classes and retreats for a number of churches and church conferences. I am a Veriditas trained labyrinth facilitator.

A few years ago, my journey led to obtaining specialized training in the art of spiritual direction. Writing, photography and art-making inform my own spiritual practice.

My blogs are "Reflective Surfaces"


 and "Stargazing Stories"

For more about the psychotherapy, spiritual direction and workshop components of my practice, I invite you to www.artnsoulworks.com.


























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